Professional Services

Leadership Seminars:
IEC's leadership seminars offer a new and unique approach to the way people should interact at work and function as leaders in the workplace, including as leaders of their own careers. A very popular version of this program meets the mandatory harassment and discrimination training requirements but does so from a broader thought-provoking platform based on 10 fundamental principles of leadership. This seminar is designed for people who have previously received the basic harassment and discrimination training. Simply repeating basic training every two years bores people. This new program stimulates, encourages and inspires people to engage and think about workplace interactions in a constructive and positive way. Not only does this serve to prevent harassment and discrimination, it contributes to improved morale and performance.

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Employment Law Training:
IECís attorneys provide one-on-one and group training sessions for managers, supervisors and employees on harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention. The training complies with the new and evolving state mandatory training requirements and is designed for people who have not received such training previously.

Internal Attorney Investigations:
IECís attorneys conduct independent, objective, impartial internal investigations of claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and other workplace misconduct. The investigations comply with internal alternative dispute and complaint resolution procedures and state and federal law that delineate employer obligations to address workplace concerns.

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Expert Testimony:
IECís attorneys provide expert services, both as consultants and expert witnesses, in employment law related state and federal litigation. IEC has been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants to provide expert opinion and testimony on issues such as the adequacy of workplace investigations and harassment and discrimination policies and procedures.

Arbitrations and Mediations
IEC now provides mediation and arbitration services providing invaluable wisdom and assistance to the parties to a dispute. Because of their years of experience conducting investigations, Ms. Maxwell and Mr. Scholick have finely honed the ability to discern what happened and to resolve disputes. Their work as neutral investigators means that they truly come to their jobs as mediators and arbitrators as neutrals rather than as advocates trying to put on an unfamiliar hat for isolated cases.